Professional Performers Mermaid Mariah and Mermaid Waverly of the Florida Keys!

Mermaid Sightings

Welcome to the Grand Opening of the Hard Rock Guitar 


Mermaids welcome in the celebrity crew in the VIP pool of the new Guitar building on opeing night in Hollywood Florida, together with Merrowfins Matthew Quinao, Merman Pisces Luke Schlabach, Mermaid Waverly and Mermaid Mariah made the night magical as never seen before

Key Largo Chamber of Commerce


Renowned photographer Frazier Nivens does it again! Capturing this mermaid mariah on our home reef for this gorgeous shot for the cover of our Destination Guide for 2019! Come see us in the Keys!!

Happy International Mermaid Day!! 


Mermaid Welcomes! Mermaid Waverly and Mermaid Mariah sighted on the bay of Key West waving in drivers on this internationally recognized day of mermaids, thank you to Blacksky Entertainment for bringing our magic to the big screen!

The Annual Underwater Music Festival Hits a Bullseye Again!


She was found again! Mermaid Mariahs love of the water never dies and her siren song was heard once again in Big Pine! Thank you to the Miami Herald, and many other newspapers around the country for bringing eyes and ears to this wonderful reef awareness event!

Hello Key West Weekly 


Mermaids in Key West! Sighted on Lagerheads beach in Beautiful Key West before the Mermaid Masquerade at the BC too! brought together with Ayla Croft, SeaGypsy Beauty, Mermaid Waverly The Key West Mermaid, and Ocean Sirens!

Mermaids swim by the Sea in Fort Lauderdale at the W hotel! the Art of Swim event was a sight to see! Beautiful event brought to reality by Sea Gypsy Beauty, Hair Circus, Jypsea Local and Ocean Sirens!

Escape the Current 


Mermaids Mermaids Mermaids! Sighted all over the beautiful hotel joining in the fun for this great event! brought together by the W with SeaGypsy Beauty, Jypsea Local, and Ocean Sirens!

Big Pine Key Underwater Music Festival


Rock out to the great tunes on the reef with the Florida Keys Community and celebrate our reefs with Frazier Nivens Ocean Imaging and Ocean SIrens!


World Oceans Day

Happy World Oceans Day from Ocean Sirens and Mermaid Alliance! Take a moment to reflect on how you can help!

Captains for Kids

       Emocean Sports is a perfect dive shop for kids of all ages! The staff and crew truly love what they do! 

        They are the hosting location for  this beautiful program, Captains for Kids, a program dedicated to providing free fun on the water for kids with special needs and illnessess.  Find out more information about the program at

Hello Upper Keys Weekly!

Gifted photographer Ron Spodnik was generous enough to give his time and pictures to Upper Keys Weekly magazine with beautiful mermaid Mariah freediving around the local wrecks bringing magic from the ocean to the page