SSI Ocean Mermaid Certification

Bring your skills to the real Ocean environment!


This exciting 3 day experience course includes:

On Day 1:

-We will meet in our Classroom where you wil learn Mer-History and Mermaid Swim theory, we’ll  go over skills and techniques important for mermaid swimming beauty and safety,  as well as Mermaid Equipment!

-Then we will take  a ride over to The Mystical Mermaid where you will be fitted for your tail by our Tail Expert Alena and have a chance to tour the above water Mermaid world and customize your mermaid wardrobe!


we will break for lunch and you can take some time to have some amazing fish and drinks at our Local restaurants or Tiki Bars at your leisure


-Next we begin our water training in our Mermaid Pond! Here you will learn the first set of mermaid swimming skills that you learned  in our classroom and have a chance to practice them! 


On Day 2:

-We will meet again in our Classroom to get started

-Then we will take  a ride over to The Mermaid Lagoon on our bayside where we will conduct our morning and mid morning pool sessions to go over some underwater skills, in water mermaid safety skills, breathing techniques and other essential official mermaid skills.


we ride back will break for lunch and you can again take some time to check out the sites! 


-In the  afternoon, we will take Mermaid trip with to the lighthouse or sandbar, learn open water skills for a mermaid snorkel!


On Day 3: 

-We will meet again in our Classroom and complete our Mermaid Certification test to review your skills theory, and teach our Underwater Makeup portion!  We will teach techniques and products that will last in the water and bring out your nautical self and get your Mermaid Makeover!


-then we break for a short snack and meet at our Dive Center for our journey to Open Water! Check in time is noon. We will return to open water for boat skills for a mermaid, then explore the reef in our tails!


 -When we return, feel free to stay for our Graduation ceremony and get pictures on our beautiful  beach! 


**Class Requirements:

-Must be 12 years of age or older

-Must complete Medical Waiver to ensure health for water activities.

-Must demonstrate the ability to swim a minimum distance of 50 meters without any swim or buoyancy aids without stopping or standing.