Island Siren Mermaid Intro Course

This unique experience includes:


-90 minute swim in the mermaid pool


• Mermaid tail fitting and rental

• Safety briefing and tail care basics

• Posing lesson –  gain experience with the most magical Mermaid poses (using your own camera)

• Swimming lesson – learn four basic swim strokes and breathing techniques

• Freestyle practice session – a chance to practice your new skills

• Max depth 9 feet

• IMSIA Certification level 1


 *We suggest bringing a mask and an underwater camera to document your mermaid experience!

Private Island Siren Lesson

You may book the time you like and conduct the lesson in with your own pool facility or beach front.

Exclusive 90-minute one-on-one Intro to Mermaid Swimming Lesson with your own certified mermaid swimming instructor at the time of your choice.