Underwater Mermaid Bride

Having an underwater wedding? Now, be a true mermaid princess in this exclusive Wedding Tail by Merrowfins! 

Bridal Shoot

The mermaid catches her sailor! Bring your husband-to-be under ... your spell! Take your bridal photos in our beautiful wedding tail! 30 and 60 minute photo package. Contact us for details

Wedding day full Package

Make your wedding day an undersea Kingdom! Get an underwater Ceremony with Captain Slates Scuba Adventures!!

Our signature gorgeous Wedding tail, tips and tricks by our underwater modeling instructor Mermaid Mariah, professional makeup by SeaGypsy Beauty, and wedding photos by our underwater photographers will make you a true Mermaid princess for your wedding day! Contact us for details

Ceremony Tail Rental

Want to the most unique and beautiful wedding dress available on land or sea? Built for incredible underwater beauty! Wow your guests and swim beautifully in this incredible wedding tail! Contact us for details