Mermaid Mariah

Mariah started diving in Atlanta and quickly fell in love with the water.  She continued her dive education at Australia Dive Academy in Byron Bay where she completed her PADI Divemaster.


While there, she was discovered in the underwater world by noted Australian photographer Stewart Barry, and began freediving and underwater modeling during her training.


After returning to the states, she then moved to Key Largo where she began working with Emmy winning photographer Frazier Nivens and Skin Diver Magazine Winner Ron Spodnik. She appeared on 6 noted magazine covers, Viceland's Most Expensivest show, ABC news, Japan Times, China's national TV networks, ScubaRadio, and many others. She has performed everywhere from the HardRock Guitar Hotel to the Asian Dive Expo, to the beach with happy children. She now dives in and around Islamorada and South Florida advocating for the reef, local business and charities, sharing the joy and magic of the ocean with visitors to her home! 

Merman Ryan

Meet our Merman!! After beginning his mermaid life as an avid diver, Ryan moved to Key Largo and became a scuba instructor to become more fully part of the underwater world. His love for the water simply increased and soon he was diving in tuxedos and swimming with the fish as a true aquatic man! Come see him and learn diving mermaiding, freediving, and more with a true member of the underwater world.