The only dual certified SSI/IMSIA Mermaid Academy! Located in the Florida Keys

Become an Island Siren!

Welcome to the world of Mermaiding! Familiarize yourself with the mermaid tail and learn how to feel comfortable bringing your mermaid self to the fore. Learn swimming techniques in the "Mermaid Pond” and get some mer-history to wow your friends with your trivia!


SSI Mermaid Certification - Lagoon Mermaid

Take your mermaiding skill to the next level. Become one with the underwater world! Want to learn how to do handstands? bubble blowing? underwater flips? This 2 day certification course shows the extra tricks to really show off your mermaid skills and earn SSI internationally recognized Certification! 

Mermaid Beach Experience


Swimming not your cup of tea, but you just looooove Mermaids? We offer a photo shoot option! Instead of our pool or lagoon, get an upgraded tail rental where you will be assisted and led through a series of Mermaid poses to suit your style and beauty! Photos included to take home!